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Only 1 in 10 Americans is Working On their Ideal Job Right Now

As per a survey, a vast majority of Americans cannot achieve the career goals they have aspired for. While cutthroat market competition does impact their growth, the lack of required skills also makes individuals lose any chances of standing in the market. Similarly, they also lack sufficient guidance needed to excel in their fields and make informed decisions.

WurkersNow Is Here to Transform Your Career Journeys

WurkersNow connects you with mission-driven companies where you can reach new heights in your career –by doing what you are truly passionate about. We tap into our in-depth industry insights and extensive network of companies to match you with a role that seamlessly fits into your aspirations. Whether you are a fresher starting your career journey or an experienced professional looking for a more culturally-aligned role, we are ready to shape your today and tomorrow.

Upskill and be Prepared for the Future with our Training Academy

At WurkersNow, we do more than just find you a job. We become your go-to mentor –making you learn new skills, refine your strengths, and prepare for what is required in the job market. In our Training Academy, each course is uniquely designed to impart valuable knowledge and help you keep up with the latest industry trends. We also have time-tested experts who dive deep into your unique situation and offer a goal-oriented roadmap for all your needs.

How It Works?

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Found the perfect match? You are all set. Apply for the job, wait for the employer to contact you, and be ready for leveling up.

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Employee FAQs

We teach job seekers modern and valuable skills that meet the demands of today’s cutthroat markets. With us, it’s not just about getting a job. It’s about being excellent at what you do. We teach in a fun, practical way, making sure everyone is ready for a successful future in their careers.

We work hard to ensure that the jobs we find are just right for the people we have. We understand that every industry is different, with its own set of rules. So, we take the time to determine what each job seeker is good at and their interests. Then, we connect them with opportunities that match their skills.

Our relationship with job seekers doesn’t end once they land a position. We provide ongoing support, acting as a reliable resource for questions, concerns, or any challenges they may encounter in their roles. This support fosters a sense of security and assurance, knowing that help is just a step away.

We work with employees to understand their career goals, offer training for needed skills, and provide feedback on their performance. We also help them fit into the company’s culture by pairing them with mentors. For employers, this means they get skilled workers who are familiar with the company, reducing hiring costs and promoting growth from within. Our goal is to make the transition easy for everyone involved.